Thursday, August 20, 2015

5 Quick Tips For Teachers To Avoid Getting Sick

You’re standing in front of approximately 20 people all ready to give you a cold, the flu, pink eye or sore throat.

Doesn’t sound like the ideal place to be. Yet each year, this is exactly what teachers go up against. 
So when a teacher is out sick, this disrupts the students’ performance. Learning comes to a halt because students take advantage of the substitute so not much is accomplished during this time. When the teacher returns and he/she has to catch up and get the class motivated again. 

To help you keep you at your best, here are my 5 recommendations for staying healthy:

Teacher Tip #1: Drink Plenty of Water
Lower your intake of caffeine and replace with water. Keep hydrated by bringing your own water bottle that you can refill during the day. Use the water in the teachers’ lounge and avoid the water fountains.

Teacher Tip #2: Healthy Choices
Bring your own lunch. This lets you control the serving size, calorie intake and sugar levels of your food. Most cafeterias serve fried foods, high bread content such as sandwiches or desserts that are high in sugar.

It allows you more time to eat. By the time teachers walk to the cafeteria, stand in line for their food and then walk back to the lounge, they get an average time of 11 minutes to eat.

Teacher Tip #3: Exercise
Talk a walk during lunch. Pack a shake, yogurt or fruit and eat it as you walk. The moderate exercise will help with your digestion as well get your steps in for the day. Use a pedometer app on your phone to track the number of steps you take and set a daily goal for yourself.

Teacher Tip #4: Take Supplements
Take a high quality nutritional supplement.  My suggestion would be supplements that follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements as well as FDA certified. I would recommend the following products as an optimal plan and to help get you through and keep you healthy.

Teacher Tip #5: Practice Prevention
Make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap. If this isn’t always possible, then keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk for your use as well as for the students.

What suggestions do you have for keeping yourself at your best?

To your creatively healthy life!

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