Thursday, August 27, 2015

USANA MySmartFoods

The USANA MySmartFoods.

USANA announced August, 20, 2015 MySmartFoods. Exciting news.

My, because it is a personalized system and as easy as 1-2-3. (smile).

Simple and Pure
Macronutrients Balance
Advanced Fats
Research validated
Totally personalized

3 Steps to personalized smart foods

Step 1. Choose your protein base

Soy,Whey or Plant based.

18 grams protein
150 calories
No added sugar
Soluble/insoluble fibre
Sea salt

Step 2.  Pick a flavour optimizer

Dark chocolate, Peach-mango, Banana and Cappuccino.

Under 10 calories
Natural flavours

Step 3. Add a Booster

Protein plus contains: 10 grams whey protein
Fibre plus contains: 12 grams fibre

To this you can add your favourite veges or fruit.

Finally MySmartBars.

Dark chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coconut cashew.

Protein Bars contain:
150 calories or less
Whey and/or milk protein
Prebiotic tapioca fibre
Sea salt
Organic chocolate
Raw cashews
Dry roasted peanuts

I tried a shake this morning and extra protein with cappuccino flavour...YUM!
28 g protein and low sugar. Then I went to the gym an did  BODYPUMP...a weight class, a very strenuous workout. My energy during the class was high,my blood sugar felt stable and I had great focus. Normally after that I would have been feeling hungry. In fact, I didn't feel hungry until 1pm...5 hours after my morning shake. Awesome! I followed up in the afternoon with a MySmartBar, again I did not feel hungry for longer than usual. One of the secrets is coconut oil.

What's your unique lifestyle? What combination would you choose?
Everyone is an individual, has different needs, goals and are at various stages of their life.
With MySmartFoods you can customize them to fit in with your life. What are your unique needs?

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