Thursday, September 10, 2015

True or False: No Food Before A Workout

You want to burn calories and lose weight so you shouldn’t eat before a workout.  Right?


The truth is you should eat a snack about 30 minutes before you exercise so your body has enough energy to get you through your workout. Think of it like fuel for a car. If you don’t put enough gas in your car, you won’t get to where you need to be.  If you don’t eat before a workout, this causes low blood sugar and in turn will cause light-headedness and fatigue. Another problem of working on an empty stomach is that you will burn off calories but you’ll also be burning off muscle.

Muscle tissue is made up of mostly protein. If you aren’t getting enough protein during your workouts, you may lose muscle mass because your body resorts to breaking down its own tissue in search of fuel. The best way to combat this is to eat enough protein, carbs and fat during the day and before a strenuous workout. 

Now you don’t need to consume a full meal but a light snack packed with carbs and protein will do the trick.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's so SMART about MySmartFoods from USANA Health Sciences?

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In a previous post we discussed USANA Health Science's  release of their new food line called MySmartFoods.

In this post, I want to make you more aware of  the reasons why I am excited about these new shakes and bars, and I think, once we are through, you will be excited too.

Let's use the "SMART" in MySmartFoods to make it easy to see, and remember, why I am so eager to incorporate these foods into my daily routine.

Exercise or Excercuse: 5 Simple Ways To Make Exercise A Habit

So what's excercuse? Is it even a word?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition is: lame reasons not to exercise, often complete BS; usually the result of extreme self-consciousness when it comes to public exercise.

Now, I could easily list all the reasons, stories, excuses or whatever you want to call them of why people don't exercise. The truth just doesn't matter. Besides that, it just turns into a pity party. 

I could tell you all the incredible workouts, equipment, dvds and gyms that are out there for you but won't do any good if you don't use them.

Instead, let's break it down into easy habits that will get your exercise in for the day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Feed Your "Second Brain"!

Sam Durrance
     One of the hottest topics in the functional medicine world is what is referred to as "the second brain".  Have you ever heard of "the second brain"?  No ladies, it's not that.  It is your gut, your digestive system, that long journey that your food takes from your mouth to Uranus.

  More and more everyday, through medical research, we are seeing the importance of maintaining the health of our gut and the detrimental effects to our overall health when it is not kept operating properly.

Digestive System