Monday, October 12, 2015

Go Play!

I remember very well being a little "rug rat" running around in my Mother's kitchen on some bright
summer day not so long ago, getting in her way as she cooked or cleaned, and generally making a pest of myself.

I can also remember her often expressed and exasperated command, "Go play!".

Now for you millenials, that didn't mean some virtual reality game in the seclusion of my room, it meant make myself scarce, outside, literally playing with my friends or siblings.

It's more than several decades later, and I have noticed something strange and somewhat troubling to me.  Maybe it's just my neighborhood and the fact that my kids are grown for the most part, but I rarely see kids playing outside.

Maybe it's different in other places, but I remember as a child of a certain age going outside to play early in the morning and not having to be home until just before the street lights came on.  My friends and I would play cowboys and indians and war (we were yet to learn about political correctness), freeze tag, baseball, football, ride our bikes, fish and a hundred other things we made up as we went along.

I realize we live in different times and circumstances, but I think it's important that we as parents and grandparents make sure our kids have times and safe places to literally play.  (no electronics.)

Do you agree?

Another thing that troubles me when I think about it is that I don't play nearly enough. When was the last time I went outside to just play?

When was the last time you went outside  and played with your children, friends or family?
 Can you think of a more fun way to get some exercise, fresh air and sunshine?  Don't you think it will do wonders toward bringing you closer to them, not to mention the stress relief and physical exercise that comes with it?

 When was the last time you played in the rain?  

 Dodging lightning can be so invigorating!  Just kidding.  Please don't play in a thunderstorm. But,

"Go Play!"

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