Thursday, October 8, 2015

USANAs Pure rest and DR Oz....

 Is your mind like a race track at night going round and round...?
Worried too much on your mind ,can't sleep...tired and grumpy the next day?


Write down your to do there anything more than your regular to do list eg loose 10 lbs...
Write down some practical things to do eg call the local gym...schedule an appointment.
Do this after dinner before bed.

Light...shut it,
The melatonin hormone won't start to activate until the light goes down....

Take a melatonin supplement vs a sleeping pill...non addictive and a natural way to get to sleep
Safe and effective...
Called the Vampire hormone...only comes out in darkness.

Dosage is key...USANAS Pure Rest take 1 mg tabs are serrated for easy dosage....take under the tongue for quick acting access...30-60 mins before bedtime.

USANA trusted partner with DR Oz. I recommend USANAs Pure Rest

To your Radiant Health

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