Monday, November 30, 2015

Dr. Oz Show: Boxer Timothy Bradley Counterpunches With USANA Digestive Enzyme

WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley discusses with Dr. Oz about getting in shape for an upcoming match. This includes grueling workouts, changing his diet and losing weight. All of which can cause bloating, gas, cramping and stomach irritation.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Rock a Stress Free Holiday Season!

                                         THRIVE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

Four Tips to A Stress Free Holiday Season.


MAKE A PLAN...and like when you go put all your clothes on the bed and
then remove 1/3 and take the remaining...(well I've never actually done this...but I like the idea of it)

1. What can I cut out? e.g. your dinner, how about one side dish...instead of many?
   You know those Christmas cards you hate to write...if you don't love doing something,
    and it brings you no joy...ditch guilt!

2. Outsource where possible. e.g. can you get someone to put up the Christmas lights?
    How about buying the antipasto (no-one really cares, they just want to spend time
    with you and have fun)

3. Delegate. e.g. get the kids involved in wrapping presents (if they are old enough), last
    year my 23 year old son wrapped presents for me.a job I abhor!
    Or if you are having guests and they ask to help, get them to bring something
     e.g. wine or dessert.

4. Selfcare. - Let go of perfectionism! (and your stress levels will decrease)

                    - Do something relaxing...lie down for 10 mins with no distractions,
                       get a massage or a manicure/pedicure...whatever gives you pleasure.

                    - Soak your feet in epsom salts for 20 mins x2 week...releases toxins.

                    - Watch out for emotional reactions and drama...I know your Aunt Molly
                     is soooo annoying BUT, it is their stuff...just smile, take a deep breath and
                      think of something really funny to distract always helps to
                     remind yourself that you won't remember any of it in 5 years!
                    - FOCUS on eating a healthy diet , eat plenty of vegetables, get good quality
                      protein and drink 2 Litres of water everyday.
                      Take  pharmaceutical grade supplements...helps support your immune
                       I recommend USANA's HEALTHPACK

                   Above all KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

                     To Your Radiant Health!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

USANA Digestive Enzyme on the DR OZ SHOW with Timothy Bradley

USANA Digestive Enzymes  featured on The Dr Oz Show with Timothy Bradley (WBO Welterweight Champion). Monday, November 30th, 2015.

  "To ensure I have a healthy digestion, I take USANA Digestive Enzymes....since taking USANA, I've won five world champion titles." - WBO Welterweight Champion- Timothy Bradley.

Being a champion athlete, he has an insight into his body and how it performs at a high
level. USANA Digestive Enzymes break food down and get's the energy into his system faster.

He takes 1-3 tablets with a meal. (along with other USANA supplements)

The benefits of taking USANA Digestive Enzyme are:
       1. It contains 7 different high grade enzymes, which support complete digestion
        and optimal absorption and gives us the energy we need.
       2. Also included is Artichoke extract  which helps with relief from occasional upset
       stomach or bloating.

       3. It also provides relief form over-fullness after a large meal.

Check out USANA's Digestive Enzymes...featured on The Dr Oz Show...your body will thank you!

To your Radiant Health! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

BLACK MAGIC ? To Supplement or not to Supplement ?

USANA Supplements and Athletes.

  Oct 31st, 2015....I watched the NZ ALLBLACKS...go #BLACLKTOBLACK and win the 2015 Rugby World Cup....(being a Kiwi this meant a lot!).

  What I observed, was athletes so fit, fast, agile, side stepping and running strongly to the try line. So much fun to watch!

  My thoughts then turned to the individual athletes and how hard they must train to be this good. I began wondering if they took supplements to help their bodies recover, repair and strengthen.
About 90% of the NZ ALLBACKS take supplements. I have no idea which ones. I do know they have to be very careful about what they choose. They cannot afford to invest banned substances unknowingly. They are individually held responsible. as are all athletes. That is why so many top athletes take USANA supplements.