Monday, November 30, 2015

Dr. Oz Show: Boxer Timothy Bradley Counterpunches With USANA Digestive Enzyme

WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley discusses with Dr. Oz about getting in shape for an upcoming match. This includes grueling workouts, changing his diet and losing weight. All of which can cause bloating, gas, cramping and stomach irritation.

Timothy can’t afford to lose the time from training so he uses USANA Digestive Enzyme as a digestive supplement to help provide relief from occasional indigestion.

A suggestion that Dr. Oz gave was to chew your food at least 25-50 times before you swallow as another way to help reduce symptoms.

Other causes of indigestion
  • Stress
  • Large meals
  • Food sensitivity 
  • Inconsistent exercise

When you feel this discomfort something even more important is happening, your food isn’t being digested and the nutrients aren’t being absorbed. This means your cells aren’t receiving the energy, growth or repair that your body needs.

USANA Digestive Enzyme contains seven different enzymes, which help break down most of the foods we eat, from dairy and protein to fats and carbohydrates. It includes artichoke extract which has been shown to provide relief from occasional indigestion.

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