Tuesday, November 24, 2015

USANA Digestive Enzyme on the DR OZ SHOW with Timothy Bradley

USANA Digestive Enzymes  featured on The Dr Oz Show with Timothy Bradley (WBO Welterweight Champion). Monday, November 30th, 2015.

  "To ensure I have a healthy digestion, I take USANA Digestive Enzymes....since taking USANA, I've won five world champion titles." - WBO Welterweight Champion- Timothy Bradley.

Being a champion athlete, he has an insight into his body and how it performs at a high
level. USANA Digestive Enzymes break food down and get's the energy into his system faster.

He takes 1-3 tablets with a meal. (along with other USANA supplements)

The benefits of taking USANA Digestive Enzyme are:
       1. It contains 7 different high grade enzymes, which support complete digestion
        and optimal absorption and gives us the energy we need.
       2. Also included is Artichoke extract  which helps with relief from occasional upset
       stomach or bloating.

       3. It also provides relief form over-fullness after a large meal.

Check out USANA's Digestive Enzymes...featured on The Dr Oz Show...your body will thank you!

To your Radiant Health! 

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