Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The ' What Does Your Body Need' Diet !

The What Does Your Body Need DIET!

It's January, the start of a new year, what is on most people's minds?

You guessed it...How do I loose weight once and for all?... I really need to do this for my health...
 My clothes are tight after the holidays...I feel exhausted and sluggish. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

So, they decide to go all out and set out to start Jan 1st...cutting this and that and the other out...pretty soon, they are down to a salad and water...no, to everything that might stop the weight coming off.

Wait a minute...this is actually going to be counter productive. Your body will be detoxing and think it has just entered a famine and hold onto all the extra weight, just to survive. You will feel awful and you will have no energy, to lift that limp lettuce leaf.

By March 1st, you will have stopped exercising and probably 2 days into your new diet you will be on a binge of all the things, you deprived yourself of. You will not only feel bad in your body BUT, you will have started berating yourself and how you always do this and, you always fail. You throw the towel in and just vow to start next January.

Lets rewind all that. There is a way to stop the madness. 

1. Take a long slow deep breath and another one...now lets make a doable plan.

2. Instead of removing everything, how about adding in better choices e.g. more water, vegetables,
  protein and good fats (olive oil, avocado etc)

3. SLOW DOWN...you don't have to make all the changes you want in the first day. Choose 1-2
   things to change. Once you have them integrated choose another couple.

4. Get moving...go for a walk...do some yoga...take the stairs.

5. Where can you reduce your stress? Stress causes your body to hold onto weight.
   RELAX...what can you do to give yourself some care and attention e.g. an afternoon nap,
   something you enjoy doing.

6. Have FUN, everyday...whatever your pleasure is e.g. singing to a great song on the radio.

7. Ask yourself...What does my body need now? If the answer is potato chips (the whole bag)...
    ask again and really listen, you will hear the perfect thing...maybe you are thirsty?

There are a couple of other options I would suggest.

1. If you would like Clean Eating Support...USANA'S Nutrimeal Free and Digestive Enzyme will
  help as your body adjusts.

2. Maybe your cravings are interfering with the voice in your head about what your body really
  needs. USANA'S Reset, will give you a 5 day break...to Reset your body.

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