Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Are Your New Year's Resolutions coming along?

While talking with friends about their New Year's Resolutions and researching a few statistics, I decided many years ago to forgo making any New Year’s Resolutions and now have some data to back-up my decision. 

According to, here are just a few facts that make making New Year’s Resolutions a definite no-no.

  • 45% of Americans usually make New Year's Resolutions
  • 1 in 3: Number of people who ditch their vows by the end of January.
  • 73% gave up before meeting their goal.
  • 4: The number of times those same people have given up on their fitness resolutions in the past.

The Top 3 American Resolutions:
  • 21% Weight loss
  • 14% Improve finances
  • 14% Exercise
So in seeing these statistics - I suggest...
"The 3 Most Important Things You Should Not Do For Your New Year's Resolution"

  1. Don’t Set New Year’s Resolutions
  2. Don’t Write Them Down or Tell Anyone
  3. Don’t FAIL!!!

Funny If you Do #1 +# 2 then you will also DO #3.   

So here's to you successfully NOT failing this year and every year forward - Great Job!  That’s how easy it is to stop the craziness, stop the self-sabotaging and moving toward achieving your success.

With that huge New Year – New You battle out of the way we can look at another big battle we usually struggle with this time of year. DIETING!!!!

Again I suggest...“The 3 Most Important Things You Should Not Do For Optimal Health”

  1. Don’t Go on a Diet or Count Calories or Points
  2. Don’t Use Your Scale to Measure Your Health
  3. Don’t Fail Ever Again – EVER!!!

Here’s the TRUTH... Most people don’t know how their bodies function.  Ask yourself,
"do you fully comprehend the synergy between foods and activities—and how it all relates to weight, metabolism, body chemistry and overall health?"

Sign into Living By Design – Weight Management 101 to start learning and once you understand how your body really works – your path to optimal health is clear.

Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Trainer and USANA Spokesperson promotes making healthy food choices, being physically active and supplementing your body.  Making the commitment to new habits helps keep you going and programs that have a start and finish timeline usually don’t last.  She promotes The5-Day RESET to Lose the Cravings, Lose The Pounds and Find the New You.

The 5-Day RESET is simple and convenient.  Once the five days are completed, you can continue on the “After RESET”.  Kathy Kaehler says, “Participating in the RESET program is a powerful week in your life.  After RESET” is the most extraordinary journey you can take for the rest of your life.”

Once you have a crystal clear understanding of how your body works with these two programs, Living By Design educational system and USANA's RESET, achieving and maintaining ideal weight is like the other two #3’s mentioned above – You  Don’t FAIL! 

Living By Design with USANA Health Science

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fat, Freedom and the Food Fascists

The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my opinions and not necessarily the opinions of the owners of this website, other bloggers or any other entities connected or related to it. (But they should be. :))

Breaking News!!:

    This past week the U.S. government issued its' latest dietary guidelines, and I know you are as shocked as I am, that it was not without controversy. Did you detect the dripping sarcasm?  I have already read several articles on the subject, and, though there is some praise,  no one seems totally satisfied that the government got it right.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reset Your Body for the New Year

It’s a brand new year and what’s on your New Year’s Resolution list to accomplish this year?

Do you want to get healthier, exercise more, or just loose some weight that was packed on over the holidays?

If you’re like most people, you have a goal of loosing weight.

But where do you start?

Do you need to start a 5-7 day workout plan and a diet that consists of only wheat grass?

… Nope.

It all starts with making healthier choices. 

You don't have to start a diet that cuts your calories down to a few hundred and starve yourself.  You will feel too sluggish, you'll be low on energy, less alert and eventually give up on your goal of loosing weight in a few short weeks.

Let’s start with a few simple things you can do that will make it easier for you to continue doing until you get to your desired weight goal.

1.  Exercise More
If you had a choice between taking the elevator or taking the stairs, go for the stairs!  You could a walk during your lunch hour or if you’re feeling really ambitious, maybe even hit the gym during your break. 
    Set a time for yourself to get more exercise.  If you’re a morning person, plan to go to the gym in the morning or if you prefer the afternoon, plan to go after work.  But whenever you decide to go, make a commitment to yourself. 

    You don't have to go to the gym every single day of the week.  Start a simple plan for yourself that makes it easy for you to stay consistent. 

For example:  If you say that you will go the gym at least 3 days for a half hour each day, make a specific plan for it. Put it into your schedule.  You can plan to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work. 

    If you miss one day, don't be too hard on yourself, go on the following day but still make sure you get the 3 days you committed yourself to do during the week.  Consistency is what is important.

2.  Make Healthier Food Choices

    If you faced a choice between a bag of chips or an apple, which choice would help you reach your New Year’s Resolution goal quicker?

The apple of course!

Every time you are faced with a food choice to make, just ask yourself this one question:

    “Does this help me get closer to my goal or move away from my goal?”

Just be aware of each choice you are making and if it is in line with your goal of loosing weight.

3.  Try Nutritional Supplements

    We don't always get the nutrition that we need from our food. 

If you live in the North East of the United States like I do, every winter you have to deal with a Vitamin D deficiency since the sun disappears for those months.  You can make up for that deficiency by taking a Vitamin D Supplement. 

    Everyone’s nutritional needs are different and I encourage you to do your own research and figure out which supplements would be beneficial to you and your situation.

If you are having trouble with letting go of the food cravings that are not the best choice to fill your New Year’s Resolution Goals, I suggest checking out USANA’s Reset Program.

Start your New Year’s on the right foot by making healthier choices!

To Your Health!

-Destrie Monis