Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Heart Month...Where Do You Start?

February is traditionally heart month...with Valentines Day smack bang in the middle.

There are many levels to the heart and heart health...

I wish to speak about the metaphorical heart first. It is about LOVE of yourself and others.
In particular, the most powerful love begins with self love...not narcissistic ego driven love, but a genuine love of the magnificence that you is the glue that holds the universe together.
You can only truly love another person after first loving yourself...

Loving yourself means valuing yourself. When you do that, you can then teach other people how to treat you. There is no need to bully or control someone else or allow another to do the same to you.
The more self love you have the more love you have to give to other people; because your tank is full. It doesn't matter how they don't have to react to the guy who cuts you off in traffic  or the fellow worker who mumbles a hello with a grimace.

One way I like to love myself is selfcare...this is whatever nurtures you. A cup of tea and a detox bath with lavender and epsom salts is a favourite of mine. 

The physical heart is another aspect of heart health.

The heart is essentially a muscular want it to stay strong and healthy, throughout your life. Cells with the highest energy demands, such as the heart, contain the highest levels of CoQ10, which has a role in producing cellular energy for the heart and other muscles.

As we age, the ability to absorb and synthesize CoQ10 diminishes. There are other factors that influence its depletion...nutritional status, some drugs e.g. statins and excessive exercise or environmental stressors.

USANA's CoQ10 is a supplement I use to ensure I am getting adequate levels of CoQ10.

Along with this, exercise is essential to keeping your
cardiovascular system healthy.

So, go out yourself...take care of your heart, eat nutritious food, get some exercise and take this fabulous supplement for insurance.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

USANA Visionex: Food For Your Eyes

Our eyes are our windows to the outside world.

Sometimes we take that them for granted, but did you know that you can take steps to be proactive to help keep them healthy?

USANA's Visionex product will be appearing on the Dr. Oz show on February 23rd.  Be sure to check it out! 

USANA Visionex helps to provide the nutrients you need to help maintain proper eye function with antioxidant nutrients like blueberry extract, Vitamin C, and zinc with helps to counteract free radical damage.

Our eyes can take a toll daily, from air pollution, dryness and oxidative damage from the sun, to bright lights we're exposed to on a daily basis. 

In order to combat these effects that our eyes are put through, its important to make sure that our eyes are given the proper nutrients to give it the best shot to fight free radicals. Our eyes are like any other organ within our body.  They can benefit from receiving the proper nutritional supplements. 

If you're interested in finding nutritional supplements for your eyes, you can check out
USANA Vistionex here. 

And be sure to check out this product on the Dr. Oz show on February 23rd.

To Your Health,
Destrie Monis

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Functional Medicine: A Radical and Revolutionary Approach to Chronic Diseases

Live Healthy and Active
There is a not so quiet revolution in medicine occurring that has the potential to greatly extend your lifespan while, at the same time, make that extended life free of chronic pain and the ravages of illness or disease. Imagine attending your great grandchild's college graduation, and doing so without aid of walker or wheelchair.

  Consider the opportunity of living into your 90's or even 100's while remaining productive, coherent and happy.

These are all real possibilities with the amazing discoveries currently being made related to our understanding of the human genome, dna, molecular science and biology, as well as the practical application of this knowledge through the revolutionary practice of functional medicine.