Thursday, June 30, 2016

7 Ways to Elongate and Enjoy Your Summer!

Blue sky,
Gentle breeze,
Fluffy white clouds,
Fresh air,
Shady umbrella's,
Cool drinks,
Big sigh,

"Have a great Summer!" people say as a greeting at the beginning of summer. Nice. but it's as if you're not going to see them or it's like BOOM it's already over...

7 Ways to Elongate and Enjoy Summer.

1. Relax. Relax. Relax. Stop the doing and just BE.

2. Spend time being with people you enjoy being with, who make you laugh and are fun to be around.
Nurture those special relationships and they will fuel your soul.

3. Get out in nature - the forest, the lake, the ocean - water is particularly healing.

4. Move your body. Only if you want to! Do what you love to do. Be gentle with yourself. Summer is a time to restore your equilibrium. Stop the madness, the rushing, the frantic exercising and ease into something that makes you feel like a kid.

5. Eat nourishing foods. Eat what you like. Ditch the rules, let your body have a rest. Listen to your body. It really does know best.
If you want something nourishing AND easy...try USANA's MYSMARTSHAKES and bars...

The way to do that is to drink at least 2 Litres of water every day. (You know we are 70% water!)
Of course if you're out in the heat you'll need more...and you have to stay on it...thirst means you left it too long.

7. Listen to your cravings...if it's a food...have it...something you want to it...exercise...try it...doing nothing...why not? and then look underneath and ask yourself "Is there anything else I"m craving?" Do some journalling..maybe it's time alone, or with people or to dance, or laugh...whatever it is...DO IT! It's Summer and after it's over you'll be refreshed and ready to launch into another ACTION PACKED year...ENJOY!

To Your Radiant Health.

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