Thursday, August 2, 2018


 I'm going to make a bold statement.  You should never buy USANA  or any other supplements on sites like Amazon or Ebay!  I know everyone loves a bargain, and I do buy some things on these sites, but never supplements or similar items.  Here's why:

USANA is sold through independent distributors, such as myself, and we are NOT allowed to sell on these sites. As a result, you have no way of knowing what you are actually buying and you are most likely buying: 

  1. Counterfeit Product.  Criminals around the world will create counterfeits of high-quality items; purses, watches, USANA products, anything.  The International AntiCounterfeit Coalition estimates that counterfeit products represent a $600 billion dollar loss to manufactures of products.  Aside from the ethics of it, buying an imitation purse isn't going to harm you.  Buying a counterfeit supplement that you swallow every day would be ineffective, at best, and hazardous to your health, at worst.  
  2. Expired Product.  You could be buying an expired product.  However, as many consumers have become wise to this scheme, the criminals have simply learned to modify or simply print new expiration dates, so you'll never know.
  3. Stolen Product.  With supplements, this is most often accomplished by the purchase of genuine products using fraudulent means, such as stolen credit cards and identity theft.  I know you would not want to support criminal enterprises of any kind.

    Before I was aware of this situation, I thought that surely Amazon and Ebay would monitor and stop these sorts of things from happening.  However, the reality is, they don't.  They may attempt it, but the business model they have makes it nearly impossible to stop criminals from taking advantage of the public.
     If you are like me, when you buy something, you want to know it's a good value, not just cheap.  Is it a good value to buy a supplement that you take to support your health for half it's regular price if what comes out of the bottle is not what the ingredient label says is in the bottle?  I think the answer is obvious.  

 So be careful to buy any supplements or similar items directly from the manufacturer, or their authorized representative only. 

As an authorized distributor of USANA we offer USANA supplements at up to 20% discount off of retail, but EVERYTHING you order from us will ship directly from USANA'S manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, UT, thereby assuring you of brand new, genuine USANA products every time.  

Now that's VALUE!

In Happiness and Health,


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